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Oats <3 Beans

Gold&Green is a radical novelty on your plate. It’s not made of soy or wheat gluten. Instead, Gold&Green is made of oats and beans.

Oat is the Northern superfood. It has amazing effects on the heart health, blood sugar and digestion. Oat is also one of the most ecological crops in the world.

At the end of the fork oats & beans are yin & yang, forming together the perfectly balanced protein and a tender, juicy food structure.

Make my veggie day

Our secret is to collide the pure, clean Nordic oats with some age old Asian production methods. The result is completely new.

Our products have approx 30% of good quality protein, combined with good fatty acids and fibers. You can finally say goodbye to the boring minced meat on Mondays, and the tasteless soy strips as the only vegetarian option.

Plant based food that satisfies like good food should - it’s finally here.

No-brainer food

We have put extra focus on the straightforward user interface, so that you would feel totally comfortable cooking with Gold&Green pulled oats. As much as we all love soaking, sprouting and marinating, it’s perhaps not the way you’d like to start with a new food product. So don’t soak. With pulled oats you will be a master veggie chef with zero effort.

Gold&Green is the no-brainer protein choice for vegetarians, flexitarians, pescaterians and meat lovers alike.

Our first product Gold&Green pulled oats comes in three tasty flavors


What makes the


Well, we think there are three main factors that make some proteins better than others:

1. Taste and mouthfeel.

Taste is king. All Gold&Green products have the tender, chewy structure that reminds you of something familiar and makes it an easy pick for many of your favorite dishes.

The natural taste of pulled oats is smooth and fits naturally in many dishes. To make it even more appealing, we have created deliciously flavored variations.

2. The balanced nutritional profile.

All proteins are not the same. Unlike many other plant proteins, the protein from Gold&Green includes sufficient amounts of all the essential amino acids.

Amino acids are important building blocks in our bodies. They each have various roles and functions, most importantly building muscles and bones, maintaining heart health, and supporting the brain, nerves and immune system.

Furthermore, Gold&Green protein is served with dietary fibers, which makes it advantageous for digestion.

3. Sustainability.

Pulled oats is a new kind of plant protein food that utilizes oats, fababeans and pea as protein sources. Light, cold summer nights and plenty of fresh showers make the Northern oats grow golden, rich and mellow. Oat and beans like each other already on the field, as every second year beans produce high amounts of nitrogen to the soil, and oats utilize it effectively the year after.

Plant-based and


Nothing is easier than cooking with pulled oats. But it’s not so easy to pick your favorite of these yummy recipes.

Rice Noodle wok
Rice Noodle wok

Rice Noodle wok

250g G&G lime-sesame-ginger
200g rice noodles
1 green chilli
1 lime
A bunch of fresh coriander (leave some for garnishing)
Half a Chinese cabbage
1 box of shiitake mushrooms
120g cashew nuts
Fish sauce or salt

  1. Cook the noodles.
  2. Chop the spices and grate the lime skin. Slice the cabbage.
  3. Spin the G&G and cashew nuts in a small amount of oil in the pan.
  4. Quickly heat the noodles, whole mushrooms, cabbage and spices in the pan. Flavour with fish sauce or salt. Pour the G&G and nuts. Garnish with fresh coriander and lime wedges.
Som Tamp- ”Papaya salad” of Rutabaga
Som Tamp- ”Papaya salad” of Rutabaga

Som Tamp- ”Papaya salad” of Rutabaga


1 can (100g) tamarind paste
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp fish sauce
juice from ½ a lime
¼ tsp cayenne pepper


200-300g rutabaga
100g green beans
250g cherry tomatoes
½ dl roasted peanuts
1 red chili
2 spring onions
250g G&G Ginger-Lime

1. Measure the dressing ingredients in a bowl, mix and set aside to allow flavors to blend.

2. Roast nuts in a hot pan or in the oven at 200 degrees until they are lightly browned.

3. Cook green beans in boiling water for approx. 3 min and cool the beans immediately in cold water.

4. Chop cooled beans, spring onions, chili, grate rutabaga and split cherry tomatoes in two pieces.

5. Combine veggies and G&G. Add the dressing and roasted peanuts.

Gold&Green pita breads
Gold&Green pita breads

Gold&Green pita breads

225g G&G tomato-smoked pepper
Self-made or ready pita bread
200g Turkish yoghurt
+1 garlic clove
+1 lime
+1 tsp dijon mustard
1 red onion
1 box of cherry tomatoes
A bunch of romaine lettuce and rocket
A bunch of mint
Black pepper

  1. Squeeze the garlic clove and lime juice. Mix the yoghurt sauce ingredients together and let the sauce wait for a moment.
  2. Slice the cherry tomatoes and red onion into thin slices.
  3. Spin the G&G in a small amount of oil in a pan. Add more salt if you wish.
  4. Load in layers of salad, rocket, yoghurt sauce, tomato, red onion and G&G, and on the top another layer of yoghurt. Sprinkle fresh mint and black pepper – enjoy!
Sautéed G&G with mashed potatoes
Sautéed G&G with mashed potatoes

Sautéed G&G with mashed potatoes

250g G&G nude
Butter or oil
2 dl vegetable bouillon
Mashed potatoes
(Spoonful of smetana)

  1. Prepare the mashed potatoes
  2. Heat the vegetable bouillon
  3. Spin the G&G with butter or oil in the pan. Pour in the boiling bouillon.
  4. Build a stack of mashed potatoes, and place the hot G&G on top.
  5. Garnish with cornichons, lingonberries and smetana
Filo Rolls
Filo Rolls

Filo Rolls

1 package of frozen filo dough
100g butter


250g G&G tomato
Cherry tomatoes
Fresh thyme


1 tin Turkish yoghurt
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp unsweetened French mustard
50 g feta cheese

  1. Measure the sauce ingredients in a bowl, crumble the feta cheese, mix and leave to become spiced in cold.
  2. Melt butter.
  3. Divide the filo sheets into 10 x 10 cm sized squares. Brush top sheet with butter and put another square on top of it. Fill with G&G Tomato, half of a cherry tomato and thyme.
  4. Fold in the sides, then roll up from the bottom to completely enclose the filling.
  5. Brush the rolls with butter and bake at 175 degrees for 15 min.
  6. Serve with sauce
Mini Hot Dogs and Mint Coleslaw
Mini Hot Dogs and Mint Coleslaw

Mini Hot Dogs and Mint Coleslaw

250g G&G Tomato
Oil for frying
8 pcs mini hot dogs


400g different cabbages (white cabbage, Savoy cabbage, red cabbage)
1 small red onion
1 tbsp wine vinegar
1 tbsp sugar
1 can crème fraîche
1 jar of fresh mint

1. Slice the red onion, add the vinegar, sugar, salt and some pepper. Mix in a bowl and leave to marinate overnight in a fridge or at least one hour.

2. Shred cabbages into thin strips, add the marinated onions, sour cream and mint. Mix the salad.

3. Heat some oil in a frying pan, add G&G Tomato and heat in a low heat for 2 minutes.

4. Heat up hot dogs in a pan.

5. Fill hot dogs.

Ricepaper Rolls and Vietnamese Dipp
Ricepaper Rolls and Vietnamese Dipp

Ricepaper Rolls and Vietnamese Dipp

1 jar coriander
250 g G&G Lime Ginger

Vietnamese dipping sauce

1 dl water
3 tbps sugar
1 tbsp fish sauce
2 tbsp rice vinegar
1 lime’s juice
½ red chilli
A few drops of sesame oil
Sesame seeds

1. Measure the sauce ingredients in a bowl, stir and leave to become spiced.

2. Cut cucumber and carrots into slices.

3. Immerse rice paper in warm water for about 15 seconds.

4. Place rice paper sheet on a top of a retted towel.

5. Put cucumber and carrots, sprouts and G&G to rice paper’s another edge and wrap into a roll.

6. Serve with the dip sauce.

Pear & Cranberry salad
Pear & Cranberry salad

Pear & Cranberry salad

250g G&G lime-sesame-ginger
1 pot of oak lettuce
1 big pear
70g dried cranberries
40g pine nuts
A bunch of pea sprouts

  1. Tear the lettuce and set the salad in a serving dish.
  2. Cut the pears lengthwise into narrow wedges. Spread them on top of the salad.
  3. Spin the G&G in a small amount of oil in a hot pan. Add the warm G&G over the salad.
  4. Sprinkle pine nuts and cranberries over the salad and garnish with pea sprouts.

For a salad sauce, try for example raspberry vinegrette, poppy seed sauce or white balsamic vinegar with olive oil.

Q & A

How is Gold&Green made?

Manufacturing pulled oats includes only mechanical processing such as mixing, pressing and heating.

Is Gold&Green vegan?

Yes, thoroughly.

Is Gold&Green gluten free?

It includes <0.1% gluten. The ingredients do not include gluten as such, but are processed in mills that have possibly handled wheat or barley.

Is Gold&Green organic?

We believe in the power of Nordic plants. Unfortunately the ingredients are not available as organic certified yet, but we buy only responsibly manufactured, traceable European ingredients.

Does the product have allergens?

Our oats may include <0.1% gluten because of the mills that also handle wheat or barley. Our spices include for example sesame seeds that are considered as allergens. Our products include pea protein.

Are there any GMO ingredients in Gold&Green?

No. We have never even met GMO oats, GMO peas or GMO fababeans.

Where do the oats & beans of Gold&Green grow?

Our oats and beans grow in the clean unpolluted Nordic nature. Unfortunately Nordic pea protein is not yet available. Our peas are originated from responsible manufacturers from Central Europe, until 100% Nordic is available.

Is Gold&Green a meat replacement?

If you wish. We don’t mind if you compare it to other plant proteins or seafood either.

Is Gold&Green suitable for kids?

Yessssss!!! Kids (1-17 years old) have loved it.

What is a perfect protein?

It’s a protein that has sufficient amount of all the essential amino acids, has a great ecological footprint, is easy to prepare and tastes good.

Why are amino acids so important?

They are building blocks in our bodies. We have to get them from food, as our bodies cannot synthetize them.

How do I prepare Gold&Green?

You can for example warm it in the pan with some oil, or put it in the oven or microwave. But it’s also edible as is.

Where can I buy Gold&Green?

We are testing small batches in restaurants and food retail stores. The final commercial product will be first available in Finland and Sweden later in 2016. Please let us know if you want to collaborate.

Does Gold&Green contain any preservatives or other e-codes?

No, of course not. The ingredient list is short and sweet without any e-codes at all.

Why is Gold&Green not using soy or gluten?

We believe in the power of Nordic plants. We do not want to be close to GMO or rainforest effects. We respect many consumers who want to avoid gluten, or those who worry about the allergens or have health concerns regarding soy. Therefore we have chosen to work with oats & beans only.

Gold&Green Foods team

Maija Itkonen
Reetta Kivelä
Zhong-Qing Jiang
Anna Häkämies
Sirpa Kemppainen
Laura Antola

Gold&Green Foods board of directors

Ainomaija Haarla (chair)
Iris Karjula
Saara Kankaanrinta
Mårten Janson
Maija Itkonen


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